March 30, 2020

how to help during covid-19.

on a personal note

woman alone on staircase isolated how to help covid-19

it seems weird to say something like happy monday or here’s to a great new week when there is so much uncertainty. here in san francisco, i’ve been working from home since march 12; the city started it’s shelter-in-place order on march 16 with california implementing it soon after. other than when d passed away and when i had surgery a few years ago, this is the longest i’ve ever worked from home. working for a major retailer has been tricky during this time. at first i was happy that i had the privilege to be able to be home, but i found myself constantly thinking of our store associates and others that were still working. i’m also thankful to work for a company that is able to pay those same employees while stores are closed, plus can utilize their vast resources to help make PPD supplies and donate to worthy causes. unfortunately not everyone is so lucky and i find myself most concerned for those on the frontlines, especially doctors and nurses and those that run small businesses like brands, retailers, and restaurants. i’ve compiled a few of things i’m doing to help but would love to hear yours in the comments.

1. give money or time. if you can afford it, please give back to local charities. i’ve donated to the sf-marin food bank, but there’s also feeding america, no kid hungry, baby2baby, and the cdc foundation. with people being ordered to shelter-in-place, it can be especially hard on those in abusive relationships, so support for national and local charities is crucial. grace referenced call 2 care, where you can volunteer to check in on the elderly. if you’re in an apartment building, check on elderly neighbors and offer to pick up groceries.

2. support small businesses and restaurants. this past tuesday was the great american takeout day, but beyond that tuesday, do what you can to order from local cafes and restaurants vs. big chains. if you’re refrigerator is already full, you can order gift cards from your favorite spots to use later. 

i have loved supporting small businesses, especially women-owned ones here on the blog, so here’s a short roundup of some of my favorites, many of which are offering discounts or giving a portion of proceeds back:

aurate (see my post featuring them here): 20% off your purchase with code BETTERTOGETHER plus they are donating 2 masks with every purchase.
hampden clothing: 10% off with code ONLINE10
eden and eden: rachel’s shop in jackson square has new designers plus cool vintage tees and jewelry. their online store just opened and they’re offering 20% off.
hero shop: 15% off purchases with code HERO2020, percentage of proceeds to the sf-marin food bank
kim + ono (see my post here): 20% off wellness products from the store (like sage, skincare, jewelry, books, candles, and more) when you email and use code LOVEANDGRATITUDE
le point: free shipping (orders going on monday and thursday)
loren stewart: 15% off all in-stock product with code COMETOGETHER15 and 15% of proceeds being donated to meals on wheels 
lulu frost (seen here): 25% off with code FF25NOW, 30% off 3+ styles with code FF30NOW
mcmullen: 10% off with code MCMULLEN10
modern citizen (featured here): $10 from each order is donated to feeding america (with them matching) plus 20% off your purchase with code SAVE20
proenza schouler: 10% off with code SPRINGTEN (until 3.31)
sarah flint (see my posts here and here): through april 3, they are gifting women on the frontlines a pair of casual shoes from their archives. go to their instagram stories to nominate someone you know. plus you can get $50 off your first pair of shoes with code BAKIM50
sweet and spark: their san francisco shop was just broken into; they have gorgeous vintage jewelry for yourself or a loved one
tibi: hey are also sending gifts to people working on the frontlines. you can go here to nominate someone (man or woman)

3. give blood. with any medical emergency, blood reserves are tested. according to the red cross and the cdc, it is safe to give blood. i haven’t been able to get an appointment at my local blood bank, but will keep trying.

4. check on your friends and elderly family. all my family lives on the east coast, and many are over 70. i make it a point to do more frequent FaceTime calls and check in with my relatives.

5. take care of you. as a single woman living in a small apartment, it’s been challenging to stay positive, but i’ve been taking this opportunity. even with the shelter-in-place order, it is safe to go outside to exercise or walk (as long as you maintain a safe distance), and for me this does wonders for my mental health. my friends and i have also scheduled virtual happy hours and coordinated tv time. i’m also trying to find joy in the little things, whether it’s seeing bees floating from flower to flower on my run, a funny meme, or making myself a batch of biscuits.  

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