October 23, 2019

the perfect pump.

the new look

plaid blazer sarah flint perfect pump
plaid blazer faux fur cuffs sarah flint perfect pump

i love a good heel, but many heels don’t love me (or my feet) back. and as someone who is on the go, from work to meetings to events, i needed something chic but also comfortable. enter sarah flint and the perfect pump. i actually discovered the brand through grace atwood, but had never gotten around to purchasing a pair. and then a month ago, the brand reached out to me about collaborating and i jumped at the chance. flint, who interned at dvf and proenza schouler (my fave!), started the brand in 2013 when she saw a hole in the market for luxury footwear that was truly wearable and without the luxurious price.

levis jeans sarah flint gunmetal perfect pump
sarah flint perfect pump rubber sole
halogen atlantic-pacific plaid blazer sarah flint perfect pump

the perfect pump is really amazing, but it’s not just its good looks. i immediately wanted to try the gunmetal lamé—i love how an interesting shoe can dress up the most classic outfit. but then there are all the details that are put into the shoes: it has additional memory foam padding below the footbed, a steel rod stiletto for durability, a wider toe box to ease cramping, anatomical arch support (amazing for me as i have high arches), and a proprietary non-slip rubber sole (i usually do this to my shoes for comfort and wear). and if all that weren’t enough, each shoe is made in the same italian factories that you’d see other luxury brands, but because sarah flint sells direct-to-consumer, the price is 1/3 to 1/2 less.

the perfect pump comes in 50mm, 85mm, and 100mm height (i went for 100mm), and so many different colors and prints (like leopard, leather, and suede) that’s there’s something for everyone. interesting in trying a pair? use code BAKIM50 to get $50 off your first order…and there’s free shipping and returns. i think i’m going to get a 85mm one for my next pair, since i’ve been gravitating towards lower heels for everyday.

halogen x atlantic-pacific blazer, levi’s jeans, sarah flint perfect pump c/o (they fit true to size), céline bag, super sunglasses, argento vivo earrings

photos by shannon righetti strom