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kim mitchell

creative director and author of j'adore couture

i’ve had a love of fashion as long as I could remember, reading my aunt’s magazines and shopping & exploring shops in philadelphia and new york. i moved to san francisco to pursue a masters degree in graphic design (my thesis was a fashion magazine), and my department head suggested started a blog to work on my writing. thus j’adore couture was born in 2004. In the decade plus i’ve done the site, fashion, retail, and blogs have evolved and it’s been so interesting to see the change. in my day job as an creative director and designer, i see that shift on all sides. j’adore couture has changed as well, bringing you my point of view on fashion issues, stores and designers you need to know, and my personal style.

as a woman over 40, i’ve come into my own when it comes to what i wear. my fashion sense slants more masculine/feminine—i love adding an oversized sweatshirt to a lace skirt, or boyfriend jeans with a sexy bodysuit but heels are usually involved. i’m a big champion of wearing what you want, regardless of age or “what you shouldn’t wear over XX” articles. i’ve been fortunate to be featured on some of my favorite sites like who what wear, design*sponge, The New York Times, the zoe report, and more, and worked with brands like madewell, zappos, allmodern, sézane, and revolve.

i love hearing from you so if you have a question or a comment, drop me a note!

frequently asked questions



who are your style icons?

right now, i would say tracee ellis ross, jodie turner-smith, zoe kravitz, and sarah paulson.


what are your favorite scents?

as with my style, i love more masculine, woodsy scents. tom ford grey vetiver has long been a favorite. i also love les exclusifs de chanel 1932, byredo bal d'afrique, and arizona by proenza schouler. at any one time, i am rotating through 4-5 depending on my mood and time of day.


how do you stay in shape?

i've been doing something athletic from a young age, and for me it wasn't about staying in shape but helping me stay mentally sharp and focused. i run 3 miles about 3-4 times a week, and i supplement that with pilates (melissa woodhealth is my favorite) or workouts by madfit on youtube.


what advice do you have for someone who wants to get into art direction?

i got into this in a very roundabout way so if i were going to do it again, i would find photographers and stylists to partner with to do your own shoots. devour all the inspiration from all different sources—not just fashion but art, sports, popular culture, history, science. also intern...even if you aren't in a big city, find photographers or publications in your town and offer to be an assistant.


who takes your photos?

i've been lucky to partner with a variety of great photographers, like lydia hudgens, alex drysdale, julia o. test, ashley batz, and shannon righetti. i'll also just grab a friend (or my mom!) if i want a shot while i'm out and about and have done my own photos with a tripod at times.


what blogs do you read?

some of my favorites include: 9 to 5 chic, atlantic-pacific, the beauty lookbook, brooklyn blonde, cheetah is the new black, egg canvas, high low luxxe, this time tomorrow, the stripe, where did u get that, and wit & delight.