May 20, 2010

tipping the scales.

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“true to form,” by steven meisel; fashion editor: grace coddington; model: amber valletta (from us vogue august 2007)

when i first started blogging (way back in 2004), i had no clue what i was doing. i thought it would be a good place to get down my varied interests that seem to start and end with fashion. j’adore couture took some interesting turns, but a few years ago, i seemed to get into a groove with writing and finding my voice. i became a member of several blog communities, like coutorture and the independent fashion bloggers, met and became great friends with some other bloggers, and learned more about making the blog better and less “bloggy.”

one of things i learned from my veteran blog friends, like annie and jennine is “consistency is key,” and it is something that i had done a good job at doing. that is until life intervened and suddenly finding the work/life/blog balance has been tough. what’s most important is that my love for the blog (and writing in general) hasn’t died. i have still been able to attend some fab events, like meeting derek blasberg for the san francisco launch of his book, classy, keep up with my never-ending stream of magazines, and interview some great local designers that you’ll see on the blog soon. which means, yes, despite my hiatus, j’adore couture is still alive and kicking (like my favorite simple minds song).

and if you prefer pictures to words, i’ve started a tumblr as a catchall for all my inspirations called avant garde gothic. please check it out. and thank you for reading and continuing to read.

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