July 10, 2008

brown bagging it.


every girl has colors that she’s just not that into. for me, it’s brown. it doesn’t matter what the editors, whowhatweardaily, bazaar, etc. say, it just doesn’t work for me. when all the rage was mixing brown and black, i refrained, prefering to do navy and black instead. and since i’m not into brown i don’t have a brown bag. for most people, a brown bag is a basic, on the same level as a black one. i have a camel bag, which is in a nice, nubuck-like leather, but it’s on the lighter side. recently i’ve been looking at my collection and felt it was somehow incomplete, but i couldn’t put my finger on what it was. then i was in barneys perusing the awesomeness that is their end of season sale, and i saw it…the most gorgeous lanvin bag. it was a flat tote in supple leather and the gunmetal chain handles had leather shoulder protectors. it was though the stars had aligned, so much so that i didn’t realize it was brown. not tan, but a rich, deep brown.

i went up to the co-op section and worked my way back down to the ground floor, but still thinking about the bag. would i really wear it? the pull of it was too much, so i bought it.

and i’ve been carrying it ever since.

pic of lilo with her balenciaga matelasse from bagbliss.com