August 13, 2013

the september issue.

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after seeing the list of who was going to cover the coveted september issues, i can’t say i was holding out much hope for something groundbreaking. in the case of kate upton (who seems to have a polarizing effect), elle went the sexy route (sorry, but yawn—i can get sexy from sports illustrated). other mags chose to go with models—always refreshing—but doesn’t always mean the results are better than celebs (first, i’m at the cara saturation point, and secondly, she looks deathly ill). the only successful cover is a blonde saskia debrauw, the perfect muse for the grunge revival (via saint laurent). of course celebs are still out there, those i’m indifferent too (jennifer aniston on glamour, zooey deschanel on marie claire, et. al), and those i adore (i always love seeing sarah jessica parker on magazine covers, but i knew in terry richardson’s hands, i would be disappointed). i was the most excited to see jennifer lawrence in the hands of anna & co, and yet again i was left wanting more.

overall my issue with september issues is that they aren’t the bibles of inspiration they once were—editorials feel repetitive (edie campbell appears in three in september’s vogue and nicolette mason wrote an amazing post on the bazaar “diversity of women” editorial which isn’t as diverse as you would think) and covers fall flat. with all of this sameness, no wonder newsstand sales are down. what’s your opinion of the september mags…do they still capture your attention or are you more interested in independent mags/zines?

all photos via the fashionspot