October 31, 2007

rainbow dreams and technicolor wishes.


murakami+lv neverfull monogram keepalls

marc jacobs has a thing about collaboration…he loves doing it. after doing bags with stephen sprouse in 2001, he teamed up with japanese artist takashi murakami to do a collection of bags with rainbow lv’s and anime characters which became so big, some of the pieces are now available as part of the permanent lv lineup.

monogram agenda

now lv and murakami are teaming up again, this time in honor of the artist’s retrospective at the moca (museum of contemporary art) in los angeles. vuitton is setting up a pop-up store right in the middle of the exhibit that will sell limited edition bags and accessories from the artist. pieces, which included agendas, bags, and pouches, will sell for $$755-$920 and you can only get them at the moca store until the end of the show (and according to racked, don’t bother trying to call and ordering). of course, you can always check ebay, which has a few pieces for sale already.

what bugs me about this is the total commercialism, which according to murakami, is part of the exhibit, but really, does lv need any more money? they are the biggest luxury house in the world, and this is just another attempt to lure people into thinking, this is a limited edition and i better get it now because i’ll never have the chance again. is there really something that special about these bags? now, i’ll be the first to say that i do have two bags from the sprouse collaboration, but to me, it really was something different (stephen sprouse painting all over the vuitton monogram? blasphemy!). this just feels like more of the same. what do you think? is this murakami+lv+moca madness all that it’s cracked up to be?

pics from ebay