December 7, 2011

the one thing: san francisco fashion film festival.

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a still from “blow up” by michelangelo antonioni

fashion and film are one of the those things that go hand in hand. you always notice the influence of a good wardrobe or styling in a film, it can even become another “character” in the action. a few months ago i was chatting with annie about style cinema, which was a monthly film screening at a local café, and how it would be great to start doing them again. we talked to adelle about it a week or so later, and she said, “why not do style cinema in a much bigger way? why not do a fashion film festival?” and an idea was born.

over the past three months, we have been working on the san francisco fashion film festival, each of us with our own focus. on black friday, we filmed our kickstarter video, and on monday, our website went live. on it, you can find out more about us, sign up for emails, or submit an independent film for consideration (by the way, it’s free right now to submit). we’re really excited to partner with the roxie theater, san francisco’s oldest independent theater, on the festival, and they’ve been a wonderful partner.

check out our kickstarter video below (you can contribute by clicking the link under the video) and a behind-the-scenes video on the fashionistalab tumblr. we’d love to see you at the roxie in april.

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