October 19, 2006

all hail the queen.


november us vogue: cate blanchett in chanel couture by steven klein
caroline trentini in resort collections by david sims
kate moss in resort collections by bruce weber
condoleeza rice feature photographed by jonathan becker
the obligatory accessories edit by raymond meier with lily cole
article on the vogue/cfda fund nominees

i am not a big endorser of the “celebrities on fashion magazines” mentality that is ever pervasive right now (i would say except for vogue paris and vogue italia, but you see who they have as cover girls this month), but cate blanchett is the lone exception. gorgeous, intelligent, witty, private, not to mention a stellar actress and can wear couture like nobody’s business. who else can carry off this dior couture madness?

the kate moss/bruce weber ed is also a stunner, mainly because whenever they collaborate, kate seems more real—flirty, fun, and aloof, just as you would think she would be in real life. see pics here and here. after a disappointing october issue, this one is a definite keeper.

thanks to l.a.gant for the pics!