February 6, 2014

models, meet your facemakers.

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one of the coolest aspects of my job is getting to cast talent for a particular project. in the past when i wasn’t working with models, that meant finding a stylist, photographer, set, retoucher, all the people who come together to make a finished product, like an ad or an editorial. more recently, and when i started working at banana republic, i was involved with model go-see’s and helping cast our seasonal faces. when i go to fashion week, one thing that really interests me about the shows is the casting—if there’s diversity, what is the hair and makeup like, what is the attitude on the runway. all of those elements comprise the mood for a season, and models contribute a major part of that. but not every model makes it to fashion week; she needs a team of facemakers—the village it takes to create a successful model, like industry leaders, agents, trainers, hair & makeup, and stylists. their job is to make sure she’s ready and prepped for go-see’s and help her make a good impression that will lead to a job.

i started watching oxygen’s the face last season and i loved that it was a different take on a modeling competition. with naomi campbell as executive producer, you know the challenges, supermodel coaches, and more will be pulled from the best in the industry, and the new season is no exception. top models anne v. and lydia hearst join campbell and host nigel barker as supermodel coaches. 

last week i got to talk to three of the modeltestants, sharon gallardo, khadisha gaye, and rachel (ray) clanton. i thought it was interesting how different their backgrounds were: 24 year old sharon is from the dominican republic, khadisha is 16 and won an elite model look contest, and ray is an 18 year old floridian who turned down a soccer scholarship to pursue her dream of becoming a supermodel. what was the same however, is why each decided to compete on the face (“it felt right in my gut…like this is such an amazing opportunity and i should just do it,” said sharon), their advice to young girls hoping to make it to fashion week (“believe in yourself and don’t give up,” said ray), and how to present yourself during fashion week (“be comfortable and confident, wear heels, and be graceful and easy,” from khadisha).

while each modeltestant is still attending go-see’s in the hopes of walking this season in new york, all had  some great tidbits they learned from their time on the face. sharon said the makeup artists taught her to apply concealer in a triangular motion under the eyes to get more coverage, ray’s trick is putting a bit of sugar on top of her chapstick and rub it in for a quick lip exfoliator, and khadisha said she learned how to do natural makeup, radiant skin and groomed brows is the best for running around. 

check out this trailer of the new season and don’t forget to tune into the premiere of the face on wednesday, march 5 at 10pm.

this post was sponsored by oxygen’s the face through a partnership with popsugar select. while i was conpensated to write about oxygen’s the face, all opinions are my own.

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