February 9, 2017

inspired by: double coats.


i’m heading to the east coast in a few days for a little over a week, and i’ve gotta admit, i’ve been in california so long i’ve become one of those people that complains about the cold. not in sf, but when i go back east. i know i dealt with it for 20+ years of my life with no bitching, but i was also prepared for it. you have coats here, but they aren’t long puffers or super heavy wool coats. enter the idea of layering your coats. denim jackets make the easiest layering piece (i already love wearing a denim jacket buttoned all the way up like a shirt,) but bombers, moto jackets, and shorter jackets, like a pea coat or blazer work as well. always keep in mind proportion and colors when pairing your outerwear: a waist length bomber looks best with a topcoat, or all neutrals looks great when the outer coat is a bold shade (or go all neutral if your top or sweater is a pop color).

do you layer your coats in winter where you live? how do you dress for the (real) winter?

photos via pinterest, with love from kat, atlantic-pacific, alex’s closet, olivia palermo