August 26, 2016

friday mood.

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i alluded to this in my last post, but i’ve been non-stop since the beginning of august (or more accurately i should say the end of july). first there was my trip back east, then our holiday photoshoot part 1, then another trip back east, and most recently prepping for our holiday photoshoot part 2. but let’s be clear: i love my job, and really appreciate that i can do what i love every day. yes some days are more challenging than others, but everyone has days like that, but i’m lucky that the challenge is that i don’t like what i do.

also tbh i’ve been struggling with blog writers block. i have a lot i want to say (and have the notebook to prove it!), but sitting down and getting my thoughts down is proving difficult and i’m not sure why. i’ve been reading a few posts about it, namely this one and this one., which have been theraputic. we’re getting near the end of august (what??) and fashion week month is coming up which tends to be energizing for me, so i’m focusing on the positive and carving out more time for this space. anywoo, here’s a bit of what has captured my attention recently…

1. it’s august and we still haven’t had summer in sf. july and august have been exceptionally cool. the good thing about this is if you’ve started picking up fall pieces, you can wear them now. the juxtaposition of the herringbone coat and lace dress (with a hint of plaid) is so chic.
2. i generally am not a fan of nineties fashion unless it’s a calvin klein/helmut lang minimalist moment, but chokers man…i can’t get enough. i have this one, but i was recently gifted this one from urban outiftters. i’m been playing with layering them with longer necklaces, but i also love the idea of mixing them with chains, like these from james michelle.
3. if you know who makes the clutch the woman in the mustard coat is carrying, i’ll be forever grateful. clutches are so. not. practical, but whatevs.
4. speaking of textures, velvet is my new obsession. i have a pair of navy velvet block heel pumps from last year (still may attempt that diy), but a velvet bomber? oh yea.
5. back in my youth, my bff and i were going to get tattoos. i couldn’t decide what i wanted inked on my body for the rest of my life, so i ended up getting a navel piercing (which i still have btw). but one of really good friends got a quote tattoo on her inner wrist a while back, and i’m really into doing something like that. i already know what it would say, but it’s not deciding the writing style, where it would go and how high my tolerance for pain is…haha!

what are you into these days? hopefully you’re soaking up some summer and ready to have a great weekend!

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