November 17, 2014

currently coveting: prep.

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although i like to think that my fashion sense is girl meets boy, deep down, i’m a prep. growing up on the east coast, pieces like pegged jeans, pinstripe blazers, button-front shirts, loafers, peacoats, and duck boots were staples in my closet. now i love adding bits of prep to my wardrobe but in a more modern way, with newer pieces mixed with vintage ones like harris tweed blazers. i’ll be back on the east coast in a few weeks (yay!), so i’ve been looking at a few new things to add to my closet. at the top of my list: the perfect pair of straight leg jeans with no distressing (or things i need to look for when i get there, like my signet ring).

banana republic popcorn stitch sweater / sarah chloe signet ring / phillip lim loafers / frame denim + inez & vinoodh straight leg jean / equipment tate striped cotton shirt / theory razan coat / clare vivier glasgow satchel / veronica beard stretch wool blazer with layered knit / westward leaning louisana sunglasses

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