June 13, 2007

you better work.


condé nast’s big players, w and vogue, both took advantage of the usually thin july issues and put models on the covers.

at w, gisele is back (her couture ed in last month’s bazaar nonwithstanding) and looking better than ever. the cover shot is very gia/janice dickinson early 80s and the shots inside (by michael thompson) are gorgeous as per usual with gisele.

but at vogue, the cover shot of natalia vodianova seems uninspired and unoriginal…and really, it looks like an outtake from her poiret ed from the may issue. how many times do we have to endure anna’s undying love of the poor russian girl turned aristocrat’s wife? it’s almost as bad as the caroline trentini streak (although i have to say, i’d rather see a trentini cover than a vodianova one). i haven’t even gotten my hands on this issue but i have a feeling it’s going to be a loser…”3 style setters reveal their fashion secrets?” what do you wanna bet nativodi is among them? snore.

pics from dnamodels and giselefan.org

uma for louie.

selma (and others) for miu miu.