January 16, 2014

thoughts on: getting it done vs. getting it right.

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i love getting the little tidbits in my email from jess lively because on most things, she is spot on. last new year (into 2013), i started keeping new year “intentions” rather than “resolutions” (as jess wrote about on the everygirl), and i found myself to be happier and not stressed when something had to be re-prioritized. as the calendar neared the end of 2013, i was feeling energized about the blog and i strides i took in the past year based on those intentions. even though i hadn’t finished my redesign, having the time off from work between christmas and new year’s (i said) was going to be jolt i needed to work on it and get it done. and of course i gave myself a deadline to do that. well as it usually is, life intervened.

instead of working on the redesign, i decompressed. i sat in bed and read, or i watched law & order marathons, or football, or i went out with friends or d to see movies or to dinner. i kept producing blog content, but the prospect of coding and figuring out wordpress wasn’t something i wanted to do. so when the new year rolled around and i started seeing the signs that fashion week was on the horizon, i beat myself up for not having worked on it. then i saw jess’ post from last thursday which said “getting it right is better than getting it done.” and she’s absolutely right. and that doesn’t mean right as in perfect, because i know the site will need nips and tweaks. it just means that i need to take my time and if necessary, shift my time somewhere else. plus i’m challenging myself by trying to do this on my own, but i may not be able to, and it’s ok to ask for help, even if that means when it goes live is pushed out.

on the surface, it sounds counter-intuitive, ‘if i get it done, then i can move on to the next thing.’ but if it’s not done right, you’ll end up doing it again. so i’m now focused on doing getting it right, taking my time, savoring what i’ve learned, and enjoying the journey. it will be that much more satisfying when you’re there.

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