July 13, 2007

technicolor dreamcoat.


prada ads have not been among my favorites since diana dondoe, shannan click, karen elson and elise crombez rocked the feather-covered cloche hats. but i’ve gotta say, this season’s ads with irina kulikova, sasha pivovarova, and anabela are great. the art direction is top notch, the styling is cool, and the hair/makeup doesn’t take away from the gorgeousness and major textures in the clothing. the only letdown? i’m not really in love with irina. in the ad above, her head looks like a basketball and she looks a bit pissed off. and in the ad below, she looks downright scared. she’s redeemed herself in the last ad, only because she’s shot from the side.

after seeing this collection in l.a. a few weeks ago and being completely blown away, i’m glad the ad campaign that goes along with it is top-notch.

scans from faith akiyama & lucyinthesky from thefashionspot