September 11, 2007

s/s 2008 nyc: marc jacobs.

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everyone and their mother was at marc. victoria. heath. courtney. michelle (rodriguez). mischa. lady bunny. yes, lady bunny. and there was a fashion show. the scheduled time was 9pm est. word got out around 10 that the show would start at 11. and then it did. backwards. yes, marc came out on the runway and did his walk. then all the models. then the final exit, then the next to last, and so on. sound familiar? that’s because viktor & rolf did it seasons ago. but this is marc, and marc put his own spin on it.

i could attempt to say what the theme was for this collection, but really, i have no clue. i saw some japanese influences, some 50s crazy housewife (the bouffants had strange masks, bicycle wheels, and a bitten apple), and some edward scissorhands. there were some things that made no sense and were downright unwearable (flower appliqué prom dress?) and some things that taken individually were very sharp. there were some lovely silk dresses with floral insets, long structured mid-calf skirts, silk shorts with an attached long skirt, beaded draped tops with rhinestone shoulder pins, and sweaterdresses with sheer stomach panels.

some of the eveningwear wasn’t as theatrical as the big tulle promdresses. the floral embroidered dress on chanel iman (above left) is gorgeous, and there was also a lovely navy long floral gown with 3d petals, and a cool lace cape worn over a cream chiffon top, matching bedshorts, and pants.

a friend of mine that went to the show said the collection would make more sense after seeing the whole thing. so i guess i’ll wait until marc puts the video up on his site before deciding if this collection is groundbreaking or ground round.

pics from getty