September 18, 2012

spring/summer 2013 new york: libertine.

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there’s mash ups, and then there’s what johnson hartig does with libertine. the spring collection featured models doing something you don’t typically see runway models doing—having fun while modeling. pairs of girls and boys paraded down the “runway,” stopping momentarily to pose. hartig noted that the collection was influenced by virginia woolf & the bloomsbury group and although the looks were heavily styled and layered, you could see some nice separates. the looks for women included twenties-style bias cut gowns with lace hems, robe coats, screen printed shorts suits, tie neck floral blouses, crystal studded shirtdresses and tweed suits, and jeweled tunics, while the men had bejeweled skull sweatshirts, bermuda shorts, silkscreened khaki suits, anoraks, and graphic tees. and always one to be a bit cheeky, hartig had a model sporting a “don’t mitt where you sleep” tee.