January 22, 2008

spring 2008 haute couture: chanel.

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karl lagerfeld designs for chanel, fendi, and his own lagerfeld (and k karl lagerfeld) collections but the one i feel he’s the best for (and ultimately shines in) is chanel haute couture. you’d think after years and years of reworking the chanel bouclé suit, it would get old, but every season, karl puts a fresh spin on it. this season, there were coat minidresses with asymetrical hems, longer, hip-length jackets with draped beaded skirts, and feather trims.

my favorite part of the show was the middle black and white section, were there were sequined cutaway jackets, wider coccoon sleeve blouses, and strapless & one shoulder minis with intricate tulle shaped like seashells.

one thing that did not work for me: the longer dresses. i’m not sure if it was because all of the models were wearing flats or what, but they all seemed dowdy and matronly. some of the short dresses would make much better long dresses. another dud? the leggings. c’mon karl…let these die.

one of the coolest things about this show was the set. karl had a 75 foot rotating replica of the chanel bouclé jacket constructed in the middle of the grand palais that the models got changed in, walked around, then went back into to change again. pure genius.

pics from imaxtree and yahoo news