May 15, 2007

repeat offender.


so who’s got a movie coming out this summer? alot of people! cameron diaz is in shrek 3, demi moore in mr. brooks, ellen barkin in ocean’s thirteen, michelle pfeiffer in i could never be your woman, angelina jolie in a mighty heart, plus a host of others. so why would anna chose kiera knightley for the cover of june’s vogue? this is a girl who said she wanted to quit acting. so quit already! or at least quit showing up on the covers of magazines. what has she done to deserve three vogue covers in two and a half months? i have no clue. what new could she have to say? i guess we’ll find out. something else to look forward to in this issue…more of anna’s favorite model, natalia vodianova, who has her third feature in six months. the only thing nice about this cover is the pre-fall balenciaga kiera is sporting.

it’s a battle royale for the worst june cover. this one, or the paris/nicole fiasco. thank goodness for vogue italia and vogue paris.