November 5, 2008

and the winner is…


michelle obama’s fashion sense has been mostly praised during the presidential campaign. she has worn alot of american designers, which is great for an economy where many are cutting back on their shopping. she has also gone high/low with her picks, choosing thakoon for the democratic national convention then j.crew for an appearance on the tonight show. last night, by her husband’s side after he won the election, she chose narciso rodriguez, who knows something about making a statement. the black and red graphic dress with shrunken cardigan, wasn’t the most flattering…there were definitely other dresses from the spring collection that would have worked better, but i am glad she went with a cuban-american designer, who like many of those obama talked about in his speech, struggles and works hard every day to keep doing what he loves. congratulations to the obamas…and narciso.

first family pic from reuters; runway pic from