January 3, 2013

pre-fall 2013: bottega veneta, proenza schouler, ports 1961.

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more of my favorite pre-fall collections (see the first set here)…

bottega veneta
tomas maier’s collection for bottega veneta was part utiliarian (cargo jackets, bermuda shorts, ) and part sculptural (pencil skirts, subtlety ruffled day dresses, long jersey gowns) that focused on the waist. the sunwashed palette of brick, mauve, cream, rose, and lavender gave everything an air of sophistication.

proenza schouler
jack mccollough and lazaro hernandez of proenza schouler continued working with the boxier shapes from the spring show, but in a more commercial way. the oversized leather perforated jackets morphed into a slightly less baggy, modified moto silhouette, and the photo collage graphics became an easier-to-wear oceanic print (that also turned up in a deep ochre color). and speaking of print, there were two major ones, a graphic brushstoke and bold blocks in black, white, and cobalt.

ports 1961
for pre-fall, ports 1961 designer fiona cibani went for a more architectural feel, with some dramatic silhouettes. coccoon sleeve coats, sculptural shoulders, wider leg pants, exaggerated hourglass dresses, and culottes. leather was a big part of the looks, with the material showing up in boxy t-shirts, bomber jackets, pleated trousers, and elbow length gloves.

photos from style.com