January 23, 2007

spring 2007 haute couture: chanel.

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karl lagerfeld keep things short and sweet or long and dramatic at the chanel haute couture show. the early part of the show featured signature tweed boucle jackets and cardigans, v-neck shifts, print mod dresses —- all in red, white, blue and black, with threads of gold, and belted double breasted toppers over leggings or tights.

from there, he moved to feather trimmed minidresses, mid calf skirts with car-wash style hems, long tulle skirts with cropped sequin tuxedo jackets, and gowns that were micropleated and ruched, embroidered with spiders, trimmed in shredded feathers, and even ruffled in a leopard print. after a brief dalliance with denim last year, karl returned to chanel’s roots, but it seems a bit of the spark was gone.

pics from vogue.co.uk