January 13, 2008

out of the box.


besides the balenciaga campaign, the other most anticipated one of the season had to be victoria beckham for marc jacobs. even i had to be convinced this was a good thing and wouldn’t come out looking like most other celebrity ads. i should have known based on marc’s track record that he and photographer juergen teller have an offbeat, tougue in chic way of looking at things, and this campaign is no different. it’s really just genius.

if you’ve seen pics of the collection, you know it’s all about surrealism and a touch of hysteria and psychosis. i love the idea of posh as almost a “blow up doll,” coming out of a marc jacobs shoe box or with her legs hanging out of a bag. as posh said to wwd about the ads, “the images are humorous and ironic…you can’t be afraid to experiment with fashion, especially when working with marc and juergen — you have to push the envelope and show a different side.” i think it’s wonderful that posh, and marc, can make fun of themselves and have fun with fashion, because really, isn’t that what it’s all about?

pics from wwd