November 15, 2011

the one thing: not so blue.

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if you follow my outfit posts on facebook, you know i’ve got a thing for bright blue. cobalt, yves klein, whatever you want to call it, i totally love this vibrant shade. not only does it work year round, but it plays well with many other colors in the spectrum. i can pair my balenciaga sandals with denim or a flirty pastel dress, or wear my banana republic colorblock silk tee with magenta for a double hit of brights. best of all, it’s a color that always makes me feel more confident when i’m wearing it. trends may come and go, but cobalt is always a classic to me.

what color, no matter the season or year, can you not get enough of?

1. ann taylor “lina” haircalf wedges
2. swatch royal blue rebel watch
3. reed krakoff 510 tote in cyan
4. j. crew cashmere cascade sweater
5. ana konder for asos faux fur snood
6. bryna nicole “palisade” clutch
7. rebecca taylor runway coat
8. equipment signature silk shirt