January 16, 2012

the one thing: golden globe details.

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95% of what was worn yesterday at the golden globes was predictable. i’m starting to think that this has something to do with the proliferation of and the power wielded by fashion stylists. so many celebrities are unsure of what their own personal style is, and are so fearful of ending up on “fashion police” that the red carpet is losing all of its uniqueness. but fear not, there are a few women that are confident in their skin and their style, and it’s always a joy to see their sartorial choices, whether good or bad.

two of my picks for best dressed yesterday, tilda swinton and julianne moore, know the power of dressing is to make one bold accessory statement. swinton, who wore a gorgeous haider ackermann ice blue suit, wore matching fred leighton 1940’s sapphire flower, diamond, and gold cuff bracelets while moore (in tiered and ruffled chanel haute couture) added tasseled emerald earrings and an emerald ring both from bulgari. both women chose the perfect finishing touches to what i think were winning ensembles. which looks stood out to you from the golden globes?

tilda swinton from tifan.to; julianne moore from celebutopia.com