August 1, 2007

modern vintage.


the icon in the august j.crew catalog in j.crew green

one of my favorite cars of all time is the toyota land cruiser. not those yuppified versions of the nineties, but the old-school original jeep-like versions from the seventies and early 80s. vintage land cruiser owners are a breed all their own, with associations and members all over the world, and entrance into the club either means plunking down many bucks to get a restored version, or finding an old one and working on it yourself. i always start dreaming “what if” whenever i see one in san francisco (very rare) or when i’m back on the east coast (a little more often, since the cruiser has an air of prep about it), or when i’m flipping through certain catalogs, like j. crew.

now the retailer has tapped into this piece of americana with the icon, a customized version of the truck created and handmade by tlc, one of the world’s most renowed restorers of the land cruiser. options include a 2.8 liter intercooled biodiesel compatible engine, navigation system, heated seats, and a restored vintage hard top. you also have the option of getting it painted in j.crew green, a dark hunter color.

the cost for all this luxury? the icon starts at $96,000. guess i better start saving.

pic from wwd