December 4, 2008

lucky star.


wwd has a preview of the louis vuitton ad campaign, starring madonna shot by steven meisel. as the story goes, marc was sitting around with this team discussing the campaign when he said, “i think we should do madonna,” at which point i probably would have slapped him and said “jourdan dunn, iselin sterio and olga sherer.” no matter, because madge said yes. it is very french (duh) even if it wasn’t shot in france. as marc said in the article, “as cliché as they are, i love all these french references…excepting the references and excepting the clichés, this still feels very today. and it didn’t feel so much like a fashion shoot, it feels like portraits.” i actually like meisel’s touch here…the images feel like a meisel story for vogue italia. i just wish it weren’t so cliché. one more pic (click for larger) below.

pics and quote from wwd