August 24, 2007

it’s better over there.


the gap seems to have discovered what topshop, h&m, uniquo, target, and others found long ago: collaborations work. after their successful white shirt effort, gap is now offering some european designs on their u.s. site. the pieces, done by marie amelie-sauve, who is a stylist at vogue paris and works with balenciaga’s nicolas ghesquiere on his collection.

the pieces have that easy, euro vibe and can easily be incorporated into your fall wardrobe (or if you’re in san francisco, your summer wardrobe.) the pieces include skinny black jeans, chunky cardigans, thin knit tops, high waisted skirts, and a cool leather bomber. these are the three pieces i’m looking at getting: a lambswool two way zip cardigan in a cool horizontal weave, a grey striped sweaterdress (complete with pockets–very phillip lim) and a great white shirt, this one with puffy sleeves.

everything is in euro sizes (there’s a size chart on the site) and since it’s a limited edition line, i’d get your pieces quickly. or look on ebay.

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