August 6, 2007

i’m getting worried.


wwd has published a list of who is on the mega september issues, and for the most part, it’s debbie downer time. i had compiled a list of actresses who had movies coming out between now and early october, and there were some very interesting names on the list: charlize theron, natalie portman, jodie foster, naomi watts, along with some vogue regulars like nicole kidman and cate blanchett.

vogue goes to sienna miller, who appears in the movie stardust (as does glamour covergirl claire danes), and is promoting her clothing line twelve8twelve, with sister savannah. pics were leaked recently of a shoot with sienna at the valentino couture show, so i’m assuming that will be part of her editorial. what i really hate is that this is her second cover in nine months!! c’mon anna…aren’t there any other worthy contestants out there?

another big snore is kate hudson on harpers bazaar. i’m struggling to find anything new she has to say (divorce? owen wilson? dax shepard?) my only hope is that her cover is as good as her previous one, from the kate betts years.

no wonder allure didn’t mention in the august issue who would be gracing the cover next month: it’s britney spears! yes, i know, i can hear all of your collective gasps. according to editor linda wells, she saw this as britney’s chance to make a comeback. fat chance. britney took the shots, but then bailed on the interview, leaving them to title her story “tell us nothing and everything.”

what’s more puzzling to me is that many of the people featured don’t have anything to promote. i would rather see jennifer lopez on allure than britney, or naomi watts in bazaar or anyone else on vogue than sienna miller. i fear that this will become a trend in magazines, and you’ll only start seeing names that have sold big in the past (la lohan was elle’s biggest seller in 06), and not women who have a strong fashion sense and have upcoming projects.

gwyneth’s september 2001 cover, shot by michael thompson

for the positive news, gwyneth paltrow will be on w. not sure what she’s promoting (how her life is better in england, perhaps), but she still is a fashion icon, and she’s taken some great shots with w’s michael thompson.

marie claire takes on ashley olsen, no doubt promoting contemporary line elizabeth & james, and the higher-end the row. i’ve seen some pics of this, and they are fantastic, and the interview is great. i’ll have more on this issue later on.

here’s the full list:
allure: britney spears
cosmo: jessica alba
cosmo girl: ashley tisdale and zac efron
elle: lindsay lohan
glamour: claire danes, queen latifah, mariska hargitay
harpers bazaar: kate hudson
instyle: gwen stefani
lucky: sarah michelle gellar
marie claire: ashley olsen
seventeen: ashlee simpon
teen vogue: anne hathaway
vogue: sienna miller
w: gwyneth paltrow

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