March 25, 2007

high and low.


sarah jessica parker and the olsen twins have recently launched fashion lines that are at opposite ends of the spectrum. here’s a sneak peek of what each has to offer.

bitten by sarah jessica parker will be sold exclusively in steve and barry’s stores across the country. parker said she decided to pair with the retailer because of their philosophy of offering high-quality merchandise at the lowest possible prices. everything in the collection will be $19.98 or less, including clothing, denim, shoes, accessories, and swimwear. from the pics, the pieces look like a combination of h&m and old navy, not entirely ugly, but camo pants from sjp? i can’t see her wearing these…

mary-kate and ashley olsen, in search of the perfect t-shirt, launched the row late last year and finally pics of the pieces have started appearing. the tees are seamless except for one french seam that runs down the middle of the back. the “perfect” tee retails for $195, with a tank going for $150. they also have higher end pieces, like boys blazers, thin cashmere dresses, and skinny black pants with back seams instead of side seams. these pieces look good, but almost $200 for a t-shirt? i feel a bi guilty getting splendid tees at $50 a pop. i am more interested in seeing some of the other pieces from the line, line the green plaid jacket ashley has worn, or the blazer and pants.

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