February 29, 2008

f/w 08.09 paris: yves saint laurent.


stefano pilati is a designer who has managed to put a fresh face on saint laurent even with the grand history of the house. this season, he pushed the futuristic feel he started in spring even further, showing the collection in a fantastic planet-like environment and experimenting with volume while still staying sleek.

the collection included felt cutaway coats, flannel cropped pants, flannel and felt day dresses with kimono sleeves, velvet belted trenchcoats, bomber jackets, and wrap skirts, voluminous hem skirts with cobalt piping, crisp shirts with knit cuffs, and belted suit jackets worn with bubble skirts. the trimming was at a minimim, but there was a section of fringe, seen dotted on a coat, dress and skirt, a geometric border on a cream empire jacket, ruffles on a turquoise silk jacket, and an almost bubble-wrap looking treatment on an evening coat and banana-shaped pants. the jewelry added another interesting edge to the collection, in circular bronze “coins,” linked together to form collars on jackets, chokers, and cuffs. it was alot to digest and not all of it was wearable (no hammer pants for me), but much of it was, and can be by many different women.

pics from style.it