April 18, 2007

just my type.


you love kate moss. you buy magazines with kate moss on the cover, and products that kate endorses (ie, burberry, dior, vuitton, etc). soon, you’ll be able to dress like miss moss via her topshop line. and now, thanks to peter saville, you can use kate moss, the typeface.

the font is based on an alexey brodovitch creation from his bazaar years, discovered by saville’s collaborator paul barnes.

“I rediscovered it by looking at an old type catalogue, and it’s always been in my mind to use it for something,” he explains. “I tried it for this almost as a kind of joke, but the actual combinations of letters worked well, the words ‘Kate Moss’ looked really good.”

the logomark will be used to represent kate moss the brand in her various collboarations. no word on if the font will be available for purchase.