August 13, 2007

forgive and forget.


courtney love has had her share of fashion hits and misses. then there was the time she wore a chanel to paris hilton’s birthday dinner, except it wasn’t a chanel. seems as though courtney had admired the dress (from the s/s 07 couture show) and her then-stylist got her a knockoff version. bad courtney. well kaiser karl found out, and court claimed she had no idea the dress was a fake, and promptly fired said stylist. now she’s baring all in bazaar and wearing the real version of the dress. gotta love that courtney!

also in this month’s issue, the time tested editorial “celebs in rehab” takes a decidedly different turn with chloé sevigny playing the 20s bad girl. troubled times indeed.

so which rehab/paparazzi ed do you think hits the mark? one of these? or do you have another favorite?
– chloé sevigny/us bazaar
– steven meisel’s “hollywood” ed/vogue italia
– missy rayder, tasha tilberg, etc./vogue italia
– anne v./us elle