January 31, 2008

the never ending debate.


elle’s nina garcia & joe zee: they need not be worried.

are fashion bloggers “irrelevant?”

target seems to think so. so does proenza schouler. but gucci and chanel don’t.

why the hesitation among proenza (who’s biggest fans are twenty-something it girls, some of which are surgically attached to their blackberries) and target (an equally hip retailer that embraces international design talent that no one else has heard of…like jonathan saunders)? i’m not sure. but it would benefit them both to communicate with bloggers and acknowledge their influence on shopping and trends. our generation doesn’t have time to wait for vogue to print it or even IHT to report on it. the advantage of bloggers is it’s all online. consumers can access the info now, get product recommendations and find out fashion news. the other good thing? it’s not always good news. we want to know the good and the bad, and blogs do that. i among them.

need more proof? the nytimes has a great piece today on the influence of beauty blogs.

pic from gettyimages