July 5, 2013

fall 2013 haute couture details.

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i wasn’t as into the couture shows as i usually am; maybe it was the subliminal realization that i will never wear one of these gorgeous creations, or the actuality that what happens here doesn’t tend to trickle down to the pieces that you’ll see in stores. what it doesn’t mean is that i can’t gawk at the details, the exquisite, otherworldly details that make you understand (or at least have an easier time understanding) why someone would pay upwards of a hundred thousand dollars on one of these creations. recently the press has wondered if couture is still relevant, and even though i can’t afford it, it’s a craft i hope never goes away.

from top: chanel, armani privé, valentino, giambattista valli, christian dior, jean paul gaultier; photos via style.com and vogue.fr