July 22, 2008

better late than never.


my route to work every day takes me past the new prada store, and each day i go by and see the progress. after the massive posters went up, most of the work was being done on the inside, until a few weeks ago, when the walls came down and actual windows could be seen. yesterday i noticed merchandise was inside and the huge window displays were being readied, and on the way home, there were even some shoppers (vip’s i imagine) being attended to. tonight is the grand opening party, and if you were lucky enough to get a ticket, you’ll get a preview of the store and sample on food by thomas keller. for the rest of us, the store opens tomorrow and here’s an overview of what you’ll find inside.

the new store is 5,650 square feet, and the design is a homage to the original store in milan, with pale mint walls and black/white checkered marble. in the windows, the heritage black chain is used to frame displays, which include vintage trunks. as one of four “flagship” locations (the others are chicago, madison avenue, and aspen), san francisco is getting quite a few exclusives for the grand opening. the entire 2009 resort handbag collection is available here, as well as limited edition handbags and shoes. i’m most excited over checking out some of the runway pieces, including the ones worn by linda in the ad campaign. the detailing on the lace is exquisite, and i’m intrigued by the ruffled shoes and bags. check back soon for my in-store report…

pics from sfgate.com and sf.curbed.com