July 21, 2008

fountain of youth.


much has already been said about the supermodel comeback in ads and in editorials, and no model is having as much of a moment as linda evangelista. so far, she’s turned up on vogue italia, is rumoured to be on its september cover and the september cover of vanity fair, and in one of the most coveted campaigns of the season, prada. i think she looks fantastic…her styling/hair/makeup plays nicely against the femininity of the clothing, but many others think she’s airbrushed within an inch of her life (who isn’t nowadays?) and that she is “too old” to be the prada woman.

clearly miuccia had this in mind when casting the ads, so one has to wonder if another model could have done better. i don’t think this is the best use of linda, but based on the concept, i don’t think the ads would have turned out much better if anyone else was in them. so what are your thoughts…are you loving linda?

scans from vmagazinedigital.com and jssy4eva at thefashionspot