April 19, 2008

good for me. bad for me.


my beloved ink city, chosen by daphne

the cult otherwise known as balenciaga can be an elusive one to join. getting your hands on a bag or shoe can be somewhat easy, if you live in a city that has a neiman’s or barneys. the neiman’s here has expanded their bag section from part of a glass case to an entire room with table, chair and full-length mirror. you can also call bal ny and have daphne or terry send you a bag sight unseen (as i have done, and they do an amazing job). but as any bal purist will tell you, the differences in the bag’s veiny-ness and smooshiness are such that it’s best to pick it out in person.

finding clothing is a bit harder. originally in san francisco, the only place you could find it was susan on sacramento street, then neiman’s and barneys took over but still it pickings are slim. i was able to score a great silk dress recently from laura at barneys that i haven’t decided where to wear. there are a few ecommerce sites where you can get a clothing fix…matches, luisa via roma, and browns among them, but wouldn’t it be nice to just go to balenciaga.com and shop from the runway? well on may 15 you’ll be one step closer to that. it’s when a new site debuts, with shopping available for bags, shoes, sunglasses and jewelry. just in time for the fall accessories, including these lovely apollo-style winged booties. i better start saving now.

shoe pic from style.com