September 27, 2007

s/s 2008 milan: gucci.

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why do people still believe in gucci? because i don’t. ever since frida giannini took over from alessandra faccinetti (who will finally have her moment in the sun), gucci has gone to shit. giannini has blown through influences faster than a kimora lee simmons can drop a few million. is this stuff selling? does anyone wear this besides celebrites who probably are gifted it from their stylists?

that jacket on sasha was on tim gunn’s guide to style last night in a longer version. you can get it at macy’s! why pay $2000 for it? and the print dress on sheila marquez looks like kate moss for topshop. frida is also still pushing her slouchy crotch, skinny ankle pant which looks good on no one (not even anja) and i don’t know where to begin on the ball gown.

if it doesn’t look good on the models, chances are it won’t look good on regular bodies.

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