January 21, 2008

spring 2008 haute couture: christian dior.

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there was a whole lot going on at the dior couture presentation, and none of it was good. well, it wasn’t bad either, it just wasn’t fresh. a designer that has been around as long as john galliano has at one point or another will start to reference himself. that’s fine…marc jacobs did it with his recent neogrunge collection, and nicolas ghesquiere has also done it, with great success. here, it just seemed like galliano pulled things that didn’t make it the first time around, put them in a blender, and out came this. everything you could possibly imagine was there: voluminous silhouettes, platforms, bling, and colorful embroidery in the vein of gustav klimt. oh and did i mention the space age (and garden variety) hats? all of this begs the question: is couture still relevant? with bernard arnault saying couture sales at dior are up 35%, i guess the answer is yes.

pics from imaxtree