March 28, 2014

10 things you don’t know about me.

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in the interest of tgif and yolo, revealing some things about myself so you get to know me better.

one. i’m a pretty picky eater—mainly it involves combinations of things together (i don’t like burritos, most cheeses, especially on burgers and sandwiches), but also there are things i like but not in all forms. for example, i love popcorn but i don’t like any other kind of corn (like corn on the cob). even though i’m from philly, i don’t like cheesesteaks, only steak sandwiches.

that being said, my favorite things are a good steak, a salty almost-too-hot-to-eat soft pretzel, and crisp on the outside, soft on the inside french fries.

two. growing up, i was a major tomboy. i didn’t like to wear heels at all and didn’t start wearing them on a regular basis until i got my first office job.

three. being a tomboy, i love sports and growing up played field hockey, lacrosse, basketball and ran track and cross country and was a skiier and skateboarder. i ran in high school and college and was all-conference in cross-country and an ncaa division III all-american in the 4×400 meter relay. now i get my sports fix in by running and snowboarding.

four. with all my crazy sports and tomboy-ness, i’ve never broken a bone.

five. i have been every state in the u.s., with the exception of montana, alaska, and hawaii.

six. i am a major law and order junkie (l&o, svu, criminal intent, and trial by jury) and cannot stop watching it when it comes on. i didn’t watch l&o the first 2 seasons, so i love catching those episodes. fun fact: my uncle was a juror on l&o and trial by jury…i’ve even met s. epatha merkerson (anita van buren) and mariska hargitay (olivia benson).

seven. i originally majored in civil engineering and urban planning in college because i am obsessed with cities and how they are planned. when i was young, i made an entire city for my matchbox cars between my room and my brother’s room that had single family homes, a high school, and a shopping mall.

eight. i was in girl scouts from brownies to seniors.

nine. growing up i had photos of ads and editorials from magazines on my wall, not musicians or teen heartthrobs. except duran duran—somehow i couldn’t resist them.

ten. i love quoting the movies carrie and mommie dearest“they’re all gonna laugh at you!”

would love to hear some fun facts about you, so please share in the comments…happy friday!

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