March 20, 2018

gucci and stripes.

the new look

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happy chilly or rainy or snowy first day of spring! i’m sure it’s a beautiful day in some parts of the country, but here in sf, the forecast is calling for rain most of the week. but hey spring showers bring the flowers right?

i know right now the fashion world seems to be gucci obsessed, but i am not. there are a few things i love, mostly accessories, but give me tom ford-era gucci and i’m a happy girl (i still have a few of those pieces tucked away in my closet). however i do love large, gaudy logos done in a slighty ironic way and if you’ve followed me for a while, you also know i love a graphic tee or sweatshirt. so when i saw this bootleg gucci sweatshirt from afterlife boutique on tamryn, i knew i had to get one. and while i could have gone subtle or basic when it came to color, i went all out with purple. i added a nod to my preppy style roots by adding a bold striped men’s shirt (in gucci green) and non-distressed straight leg jeans. if you’re interested in my version, check out afterlife boutique in the mission—they have an amazing selection of not only this graphic but tons more. etsy also has a good selection or if you want the real deal, i’ve linked a few below (the kids section is a great resource for a lower price).

afterlife boutique sweatshirt (here if you want the real deal), j. crew men’s shirt, point sur jeans, manolo blahnik pumps, vintage earrings (similar), super sunglasses, future glory bag

photos by alex drysdale