March 1, 2016

the new look: walk the line.

the new look

as someone who was called skinny and bony growing up, being comfortable with my shape is not something that always came easy. i played a lot of sports and always felt strong and athletic but still a bit scrawny. as i hit puberty and beyond, i added a few curves, but i rarely played to them when getting dressed. my idea of a sexy outfit was an oversized sweater and a stretchy tube skirt (as a runner, i always liked my legs).

two bloggers that i have long admired for their body confidence are karla deras and christina topacio (and they happen to be bff’s). i met christina back when she lived in san francisco, and i’ve always loved her ability to keep it real in a world that can sometimes be just the opposite. karla was one of my early blog crushes; i loved how she mixed vintage styles into her everyday wear, along with denim and finds from more affordable brands. i’ve also followed karla as she and her style have matured—she’s really embraced her femininity, so much so that she started the line by k, clothing based around women being fearless and comfortable in who they are. christina is one of those people so naturally one of the skirts is named for her. it’s versatile, comfortable, and sexy all at the same time (so sort of like sweatpants!). there are so many good pieces in the collection—i’m kicking myself for not getting this skirt on kelly, but there’s the gaby dress (so fab on krystal) and lots of great bodysuits. even better, everything is under $150. so as we enter in month three of 2016, i’m going to try to be more fearless—in work, style, and life. love every part of who you are and know that—as krystal said so eloquently—you are enough.

mango jacket (similar here and here), madewell sweater (old, similar), the line by k skirt (wearing a medium), balenciaga heels (available here pre-owned in black) and clutch (new version), oliver peoples sunglasses, dior earrings, hermes and miansai bracelets

photos by alex drysdale