February 26, 2009

the holy grail.

#NYFW inspiration

carine roitfeld is one of those women who has “it.” and to top it all off, she’s very sweet. i saw her for the third time last week after the narciso rodriguez show, walking around by herself in the tents. i don’t know why it took me so long to work up the nerve, but i asked if i could take a photo of her and she replied in her lovely french-anglaise, “but of course!”

as i started snapping and chatting, mario testino, who was standing nearby, starting telling her to work it. which of course she did. after i took a few shots (and thanked her and asked what other shows she was seeing), a group of professional photographers asked me who that was. after i wiped the surprise from my face, i told them who it was. and they started snapping away.

my own pics