January 12, 2018

the friday five.

friday five

streetstyle look camel coat fur clutch

man what a week! i feel like because work is closed on monday, this week was extra busy. this weekend i’m looking forward to catching up with a friend visiting from out of town, watching lots of football (go eagles!), and maybe catching a movie

  1. if you follow me on instagram, you’ll see i posted a link to a post by kyrzayda, a blogger i discovered through krystal. revolve is doing another #revolvearoundtheworld influencer trip, and it came under fire for not including any women of color or plus size bloggers (full disclosure: i have shopped revolve in the past and have done sponsored posts with them). i had seen black influencers, like chanel iman, on trips in the past, but since i don’t follow them on social (i do follow aimee song), i hadn’t noticed the lack of diversity. but just because you don’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. it was very disappointing to me, especially because the vp of marketing and strategic partnerships is a woman. as someone who falls into a few categories (over 40 and african-american), i know that it’s not as easy to get exposure, and there are a lot of amazing content creators that are in under-represented categories: different races, sizes, sexualities, ages. the world has changed and consumers have changed. in the black market specifically, spending has increased 88% since 2000 and currently is about $1.1 trillion dollars and gen x has the most spending power of any generation and is largely ignored by marketers. bottom line: brands need to be more inclusive and not just look at the numbers (many of the bloggers on the revolve trip have over 1 million followers, but followers don’t always translate to engagement) and consumers should support brands that do this.
  2. really interesting profile of into the gloss and glossier founder emily weiss in this week’s new york magazine. while i wouldn’t consider myself to be glossier obsessed, i do love her story and hearing how she built a beauty brand from a blog and got consumers to think about how they shop for beauty in a new way (which has since been adopted by others like kkw beauty & kylie cosmetics).
  3. speaking of blogs, wwd wrote an article about the recent blogger baby boom. it’s only natural that influencers that you’ve read for years would get married and start a family, but if you aren’t in the same place as them, do you continue to follow? man repeller’s leandra medine is someone for me that i have kept up with, especially since she was so open about her difficulty to conceive. because man repeller has lots of contributors, the blog isn’t all about her, but i am curious to see how she approaches motherhood. i do follow blogs written by mothers (like anna, gaby, anh (all currently moms) and danielle (about to be a mom) and the common thread is that all were (or had been) in a traditional workplace and their blogs didn’t turn into “mom blogs.”
  4. love this feature on serena williams in february vogue. the photos are so beautiful, and don’t miss this fun video.
  5. i’ve been in my new apartment for a while now, and for the most part it feels “done,” but i want to put the finishing touches on it this year (and possibly show it off a little!) i’m going to enlist bianca’s help because her style is amazing—if you don’t believe me, check out her home tour. i’ve got a secret pinterest board of ideas, but you can see my general aesthetic on my spaces board. urban outfitters (up to 40% off), west elm (20% off + free shipping) and anthro (20% off furniture & select decor) are having home sales right now if you are looking to spruce up your place.

my five favorite looks this week are from merritt (how amazing is her coat!!), erica, lauren, janelle and tosha.

have a lovely weekend!

photo via the epitome of quiet