January 5, 2018

the friday five.

friday five

celine resort 2018 campaign binx walton

the friday five, a weekly round-up i used to do back in the day, is well, back. it’s in line with my intention of sharing more of what i love both online and offline, and i’m adding an additional element by sharing some of my favorite looks from the week. i really enjoy putting these together, so i hope you love it too.

  1. awards season kicks off on sunday with the golden globes and in the wake of hollywood’s sexual assualt scandal the new york times and the cut announced they’ll be covering the red carpet differently. many celebs will be wearing black as part of the time’s up initiative; it’s a show of solidarity but also opens the door to talking points beyond “who are you wearing?” i’ll be live-tweeting the red carpet and show, so follow along for my commentary.
  2. meghan and i met back when she lived in san francisco, and i have really enjoyed following her blog journey through the years, especially since she also has a full-time job. she got real about blog insecurities in wednesday’s post and it struck a chord with me. i’ve had similar bouts of feeling behind and not “keeping up” when it comes to blogging, especially when i think about when i started. i should be further along, why isn’t my instagram growing, etc, i say, but really you can’t look at anyone else’s path. you just have to do what’s best for you. for her, it’s opening up more, for me, it’s getting back to my blog roots, and learning to embrace my age (when it comes to blogging).
  3. the mission has become my new favorite neighborhood to shop. i used to live in bernal heights and spent a lot of time here, but moving from the hood, i just didn’t go there as much. with the opening of the arrivals, reformation, le point (and everlane coming soon!) plus older favorites like mira mira, azalea, paxton gate, voyager and little paper planes it has all the bases covered from books & home to clothing, shoes and accessories. not to mention when you tire of shopping, get a bite at lolo or barzotto or grab a drink at casanova or dalva.
  4. lvmh announced at the end of the year that phoebe philo was leaving céline and the upcoming march show would be her last. philo’s version of céline came on the scene at a time when fashion was over the top; think galliano’s dior, ghequiere’s balenciaga and marc jacobs’ vuitton. she brought back “real clothes,” and at a time when everyone was mining the archives, she remade céline in her own image, creating not only a bunch of philo clones on the individual and brand level. it will be interesting to see where the brand—and fashion goes from here.
  5. my skin took a beating last year with so much travel to varying climates. when i’m in san francisco, i tend to be on the combination-to-oily side, but i get more oily the more humid it is, and then it was leaning more dry this past week in philly. i also was getting some breakouts which led to dark spots. i was relying on remover wipes to take off my makeup at the end of the night and not fully washing my face—good in that i wasn’t sleeping in makeup but bad in that wipes are a quick fix, not a solve. i started double-cleansing last week and my skin has really improved in a short period of time. i’ve been using this cleansing oil then this face wash, and this night moisturizer to help clear up spots. have you tried double cleansing? have any products you love.

my five favorite looks this week were from anh, grace, kyrzayda, kate and sylvie…a great mix of casual, work, and going-out outfits.

hope you have a great weekend!

photo via fashion gone rogue