September 21, 2022

skincare goes tech: meet revea.

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kim mitchell close up moisturizer

when it comes to my skin, i’ve been on quite the journey. starting in my teens, like many, i struggled with acne, but i would just go to the drugstore and get something or listen to whatever my friends said worked for them and use that. my mom didn’t take me to a dermatologist, but instead to the clinique counter where i had my first taste of “high end” skincare. i would find things to treat the acne, but i was left with dark spots that needed a new solve. this cycle continued for years. or i’d use makeup to cover my skin, which isn’t good for it either. it’s a lot of trial and error; it can erode your confidence and your ability to feel good in your skin.

enter revea, a beauty company with one goal in mind: to make skincare truly inclusive through the use of technology. all the data they gather from scans goes into improving the formulations. so no matter your age, ethnicity, or skin concern, there is a revea system for you. founded by chemists, biologists, data scientists, and skincare experts, they use over a million data points and 40 skin characteristics to help find the root cause of your skin concerns. many brands use technology and data, but they formulate their products to work for ‘some people,’ which is why you can try a moisturizer or serum that someone raves about and you don’t see any results or causes you to break out.

revea lab san francisco experience face skin results

back in april 2021, i was invited to the revea lab in san francisco to experience the technology for myself. the patented precision skin analysis uses hyperspectral imaging technology (HSI) and AI to scan 6 layers beneath the skin surface. you then get a skin radiance score based on 6 parameters: hydration, skin tone, skin texture, energy supply, dermal fibers, and skin milieu (the skin’s microenvironment). it gives you a much better understanding of things you know about your skin (like my oiliness) but also insight into what you may not know (like the surface texture). then the fun part of getting custom serums based on your unique needs and choosing a moisturizer—i preferred one with a lighter, more gel-like texture. 

revea skincare kit

starting today, you can get the experience of visiting the revea lab from anywhere, right on your phone. the new revea app allows you to scan your skin using the same patented technology, and get your results immediately. you can even set up a call with a personal skin concierge to walk you through the information. from there, you can choose your AM and PM serums and moisturizer to be delivered to you. all the treatments are individually formulated in california, are vegan, cruelty, silicon, fragrance-free and refillable! and because your skin is a living, breathing entity, it’s going to change. so you can re-do your scans every 3-6 months to see how your skin is changing and improving. and as your skin changes, your skincare changes as well. the products only include what your skin needs, and nothing it doesn’t. how amazing is that? 

revea skincare phone app
revea skincare refillable serums

i’ve been using revea for over a year, and i’m so impressed with how my skin looks and feels. i love how luxurious the revea products are…even the serums feel like moisturizers. plus i’ve been able to pare down my beauty routine (less steps means less money!) because my skin is in a good place. if you want to try revea for yourself, you can use code LAUNCH to access the app and code KIM20 to get 20% off your first shipment of AM and PM serums and moisturizer.

i’ve really enjoyed working with the team, and love that they are black- and female-founded. we’ve got some special things in the works, so stay tuned—and i’d love to hear about your experience with revea if you try it.

disclosure: i was gifted the revea lab experience and my first set of skincare. all opinions are my own.