August 24, 2005

you look good wearing my future.


dan posted his first, but it inspired me to do the same:

favorite movie: some kind of wonderful and carrie. an unlikely choice, but i feel it’s an underrated john hughes movie. and when it came out, i wanted to be just like mary stuart masterson. and carrie, well, it’s creepy as hell.

favorite song: “promised you a miracle” by simple minds. another unlikely choice. if you want a song made after 1985, i’d say “the wretched” by nine inch nails.

favorite tv show: “fashiontrance” on the style channel. runway shows and music…how much better does it get?

favorite color: a sort of deep teal blue.

favorite breakfast food: grits mixed with crumbled bacon…yummy!!

favorite fruit: apples

favorite book: “american psycho” by bret easton ellis. a classic tale of a hip 80s guy…who just happens to kill people.

favorite alcoholic drink: vodka and cranberry juice. preferably level vodka.

favorite flower: schwarzwalders (deep burgundy mini cala lilies)

favorite shoes: narciso rodriguez black/white mary janes…a slice of heaven made of leather.

favorite city: new york. obvs.

favorite touristy place: the top of the empire state building. it’s elegant and corny all at once.