July 9, 2007

will nylon fill the void?


multiple news sources are reporting that condé nast has pulled the plug on jane magazine.

jane hit the newsstands on september 1997 with drew barrymore on the cover (i still have this issue), a breath of fresh air in the staid 19-34 demographic that seemed to be ignored since the demise of mademoiselle. the magazine was started by jane pratt, also the founder of that 80s classic, sassy, who knew just the right voice to speak to many young girls. one part tongue in cheek, one part sass, and one part class.

jane pratt left the mag (or was forced out, depending on who you talk to) two years ago, amid talks that subscriptions and ad dollars were down, and brandon holley, former editor of elle girl came in. one of her first orders of business was a redesign headed by paul ritter, former ad of vitals. the redesign didn’t last, as ritter left to work with joe zee at elle, and jane supposedly never recovered from the departure of pratt.

no word on whether or not the online edition will continue to exist, but it looks like for all intents and purposes, jane is done.

byebye jane, we hardly knew ya.